Albuquerque, New Mexico
Noise Permit

Anaheim, California
Chapter 6.73 of Title 6:  Noise Restrictions

Anchorage, Alaska
Chapter 15.70 :  Noise Control

Arlington, Texas
Unified Development Code (Do search for Noise)

Atlanta, Georgia
Article IV. – Noise Control Code Sec. 74-129-142

Aurora Colorado
Article 18 – Noise

Austin, Texas
Chapter 9-2 – Noise and Amplified Sound


Bakersfield, California
Chapter 9.22 NOISE

Baltimore, Maryland
Article 17 – Miscellaneous Provisions and Offenses – See Title 3: Noise

Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Chapter 2 – Noise

Birmingham, Alabama
Sec. 11-8-21 Illegal Noises

Boise, Idaho
Chapter 6-20 – Noise

Boston, Massachusetts
Municipal Code on Noise: Chapter 16, Section 26

Buffalo, New York
Ordinance Code, Chapter 293


Chandler, Arizona
11-10. – Disturbing the peace prohibited

Charlotte, North Carolina
City/County Noise Ordinances

Chesapeake, Virginia 
Article V – Noise

Chicago, Illinois
Environmental Noise Ordinance 11-4-2700

Cleveland, Ohio
Environmental Noise Ordinance 11-4-2700

Cincinnati, Ohio
Chapter 909 – Community Noise

Colorado Springs, Colorado
Part 1: Noise Pollution General Ordinances – 9.8.101-109

Part 2: Noise Pollution Vehicles Ordinances – 9.8.201-204

Columbus, Ohio
City Code 2329.11 – Community Noise

Corpus Christi, Texas
Chapter 31 – Noise


Dallas, Texas
City Code – Article VI. Environmental Performance Standards: SEC. 51-6.101-102

Denver, Colorado
City Code: Chapter 36, Noise Control

Detroit, Michigan
City Ordinance Chapter 36 – Noise

Durham, North Carolina
Chapter 14 – Environment article II – Noise


El Paso, Texas
Noise Ordinance Chapter 9.40


Fort Wayne, Indiana
Chapter 96: Noise Control and other Sensory Control

Fort Worth, Texas
Noise Ordinance Sec. 23-8

Fresno, California
Noise Control Ordinance – Chapter 8.40


Garland,  Texas
Article V. Noise Control

Gilbert, Arizona
Sec. 42-61. Noise

Glendale Arizona
Article V. – Noise

Greensboro, North Carolina
Article IV. – Offenses of Unreasonable or Disturbing Sound


Henderson, Nevada
Chapter 8.84 – Noise Control

Houston, Texas
Chapter 30, Noise and Sound Regulation


Indianapolis, Indiana
Chapter 391: Nuisances, Article III Noise Codes

Irvine, California
Chapter 2: Noise

Irving, Texas
Noise Ordinance


Jacksonville, Florida
Ordinance Code for Noise Control, Chapter 368

Jersey City, New Jersey
Chapter 222 – Noise


Kansas City, Missouri
Code of Ordinances: Chapter 46 – Noise Control


Laredo, Texas
Article XI – Noise Nuisances

Las Vegas, Nevada
Code of Ordinances, Chapter 8.28 – Noise Control

Lexington, Kentucky
Sec. 14-71. – Noise disturbances

Lincoln, Nebraska
Chapter 8.24 – Noise Control Ordinance

Long Beach, California
Community Noise Ordinance (Section 8.80.010)

Los Angeles, California
Noise Element of the Los Angeles City General Plan

Municipal Code Chapter XI Noise Regulation

Louisville, Kentucky
Title IX: General Regulations Chapter 99: Noise

Lubbock, Texas
See Article 14.04 Noise


Madison, Wisconsin
Chapter 24 Offenses Against Peace and Quiet

Memphis, Tennessee
Noise Ordinance Chapter 9-68, Noise Control

Mesa, Arizona
Title 6 Chapter 12 Offensive, Excessive and Prohibited Noises

Miami, Florida
Code of Ordinances: Chapter 36 – Noise

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Code of Ordinances Chapter 80 Nuisances (See Subchapter 2 Noise Control)

Minneapolis, Minnesota 
Code of Ordinances, Chapter 389 – Noise


Nashville, Tennessee
Code of Ordinances, Chapter 8.28 – Noise Control

New Orleans, Louisiana
Code of Ordinances Article IV.- Noise

New York, New York
Noise Code (Local Law 113 of 2005)

Norcross, Georgia 
Chapter 26 – Nuisances, Article II – Noise Control

Norfolk, Virginia
Chapter 26 – Noise


Oakland, California 
Code of Ordinances, Chapter 8.18 – Nuisances

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Code of Ordinances, Chapter 34 – Noise

Omaha, Nebraska
Code of Ordinances, Chapter 17 – Noise Control

Orlando, Florida
Code of Ordinances, Chapter 17 – Noise Control


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Code of Ordinances: Chapter 10-400, Noise and Excessive Vibration

Phoenix, Arizona
Noise Ordinance (P-23)

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 
Noise Ordinance 601.04 Noise control

Noise Ordinance Article V – Noise

Portland, Oregon
City Code Title 18: Noise Control


Raleigh, North Carolina
Code of Ordinances, Chapter 5 – Noise

Reno, Nevada
Code of Ordinances, Section 18.12.1503. – Noise

Richmond, Virginia
Code of Ordinances, Article II – Sound Control

Riverside, California
Code of Ordinances, Chapter 7.35

Rochester, New York
Code of Ordinances, Chapter 75: Noise


Sacramento California
Code of Ordinances: Chapter 8.68 – Noise Control

Saint Paul, Minnesota
Chapter 293. – Noise Regulations

Salt Lake City, Utah
#21 Noise Regulation

San Diego, California
Article 9.5: Noise Abatement and Control

San Francisco , California
Police Code, Article 29: Regulation of Noise

Santa Ana, California
Article VI – Noise Control

Scottsdale, Arizona
Article II – Special Noise Violations

Spokane, Washington
Chapter 6.12 – Noise Disturbances


Tucson, Arizona 
Chapter 16 Neighborhood Preservation, Part II, Sec. 16-31: Excessive noise

Tulsa, Oklahoma
Chapter 14 Disturbing the Peace, Section 1400 – Noises


Virginia Beach 
Chapter 23 Offences: Article II – Noise


Washington, DC
Noise Regulations

Municipal Regulations of the Environment: Chapter 20-27: Noise Control